Discount Candles! Scented Candles, Holders, Wholesale supply, cheap favors! Discount Candles! Scented Candles, Holders, Wholesale supply, cheap favors!

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CITRONELLA Candles!!! Please look through our selection of unique Citronella products. Unlimited colors and original styles!
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We Promise!
Our wax doesn't stick to the inside of our jar candles!
Our candles burn clean
right to the bottom.

Welcome to Candlewacks!
Discount Scented Layered Jar Candles! - Scented Candles, Holders, Wholesale & more!
Triple Layered Candles

At Candlewacks, we strive for perfection in everything we make. That certainly includes our very popular LAYERED SCENTED CANDLES.

Choose from our 32 scents!   and more...
Sour Apple
Strawberry Jam
Blueberry Cobbler
Banana Dream
Citrus Rush
Apple Orchard
Fudge Brownie
Cinnamon Toast
Red Hot Cinnamon
Black Cherry
Orange Creamsicle
Angel Food Cake
Baby Powder
Hot Chocolate
Lemon Drop Cookies
Red Berries
Black Forrest Cake
Fuzzy Peach Wine
Cool Cucumber
Black Berry
Tutti Fruity
Vanilla Bean
Spring Rain
Caramel Corn
Blue Raspberry
Pina Colada

More NEW scents on our scents page!!!
Choose a scent for each layer and we will do the rest.

Would you like your Layered Scented Candle packaged in a gift box?
$0.50 per box. After placing your order send us an e-mail with your request, we'll adjust your total.
Your candle will arrive in a pretty gift box
We know what makes a good Scented Candle.
That's why we scent all of our candles all throughout, not just the top.
You'll never find lead wick in our candles, we only use zinc or paper core wicks.
"Healthy candle burning is our number one priority!"

Triple Layered - Triple Scented
Glass Flower Pot
3 Layered Candle

Adorable, flowerpot shaped, glass candles poured in 3 different fragrances. You may choose the 3 fragrances from the following page and enter your 3 selections below in the box labeled "scents". You may also choose complimentary gift wrapping for this product from the drop-down menu below. Gift wrapping includes: clear cellophane baggie with tiny white polka dots and a satin ribbon. Our creamy, triple scented, clean burning candles are hand poured after you've placed your order.

Please read our Paying/Shipping/Returns policies before placing an order.
Thank you

We are always available to answer any questions.

Buy 1 Candle

[ $6.00 USD each ]
Size: 5 oz
Burn Time: 35+ hours
Height: 3"
Width: 3"

WHOLESALE - Box of 12 Candles

[ $4.00 USD each ]
Size: 5 oz
Burn Time: 35+ hours
Height: 3"
Width: 3"


Currently, we are processing most orders within 48 hours.

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