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Welcome to Fun Candle Projects for all of your candle making needs, lots of candle ideas!
Hot Chocolate
A mug or a hot chocolate glass
wire core wick
scent oil-chocolate, vanilla
Step 1
Prepare your wire core wick. Cut a piece long enough to fit your candle container plus 2 extra inches. We like to use a zinc core wick because it stands up nice and straight as the wax melts. Add a wick tab, which will help you wick stay in place once your candle is burning. Wrap the top around a dowel or pencil so that the tab sits nice in the center of the bottom of the glass. Set this wick assembly aside.
Step 2
Prepare the brown wax mixture. Use a container wax or a wax with a 128/130 degree MP(melting point). The lower the melting point, the softer the wax is. Soft wax is great because it has the ability to hold more candle scent. Melt you wax over very low heat. Don't be impatient and turn the heat up. Wax is very flammable. Once you've melted your wax, add dye until you've achieved a chocolate brown color. Add your color in tiny amounts, to avoid adding too much. Stir in your chocolate scent right before you're about to pour the wax into its container. Pour the wax leaving approximately one inch from the top, saving about 1/3 cup of the brown wax for step 3. Insert wick assembly from step 1, making sure it is centered.
Step 3
Once the wax has formed a skin on the top of the candle, poke relief holes near the wick to allow air to escape. Once the wax has hardened, top off your candle, only filling to the original pour line. Poking relief holes is necessary because wax shrinks as it hardens. A smooth, flat surface is not required since the top will be covered with whipped cream wax topping.
Step 4
Once the candle is fully cooled, remove the dowel and stretch wick to full length. If your candle is not completely cooled you run the risk of pulling the wick out, so make sure it's completely cool. Prepare whipped wax. Melt white wax, in the same manner as before, over very low heat. Take your wax off of the stove and add vanilla scent. As it cools, whip it with a fork until you achieve a foamy looking consistency. When the proper consistency is attained apply by dropping onto top of candle with a spoon. I like to allow some top run over the side for more realism. Make sure the wick is still centered, and allow to cool.

Step 5
Light your new creation and enjoy.

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