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Welcome to Discount, Cheap, Candle Favors! - Scented Gel Candles, Votive Candles, Jars, Holders, Wholesale & more!
Our prices may be cheap but our products are high quality!
We're offering discount handpoured scented candles at unbelievably low wholesale prices.
Have a look around, send us an e-mail if you have any questions.

Customer Comments

Below are some of the e-mails which were sent to us by our customers.
If you have any questions or would like your comment removed, please send us an e-mail.

Hi Sylvie!
Just want to thank you so much for the beautiful candle favors!! They truly are wonderful & I'm so excited to be giving them out at my daughter's baby shower! And thank you for all your help with the order... & the star gift candles! I will certainly recommend your company & use it in the future!
Take care, Sally - Coral Springs, Florida
Sally ordered 42 of of our Creamy Gel Candle Favors. Click to view.
My candles arrived this morning and I can't get over how amazing they look and smell! The wax is so creamy. I have the LEMON COOKIE burning right now and my whole house smells like freshly baked cookies.
Pamela - Fontana, California
Pamela ordered our baby jar sampler pack. Click to view.

Sylvie, My daughter's wedding favors arrived today and they look perfect. She will be so pleased when she sees them. Thank you for all of your hard work! I'll pass your website on to everyone.
Thank you again, Mary - Gilman, IL
Mary ordered 105 of of our sparkling gel favors. Click to view.

I just received my 40 favors today and cannot begin to tell you how happy i am!!!!!!! they have to be the CUTEST favors i have ever seen!!! you did a wonderful job!!! thank you again so much and i look forward to ordering from you again. The service and products you provide are outstanding!
Thank you again, Tricia
Tricia ordered 40 of of our 4 oz baby food jar favors. Click to view.

Just a quick note to let you know the candles were a hit at my daughter's baby shower. I highly recommended your company to all who asked where we got them. Thanks again for a wonderful product and great, personal customer support.
Sincerely, Carole
Carole ordered our baby shower votive candles. Click to view.

Just wanted to let you know, we received the candles. They are so cool! They are beautiful! and the most amazing blueberry scent. You do very good work. As I have mentioned in early emails, we wanted these for a fundraiser. We had a limited budget, so could not afford larger quantities. They will be given to very special people at our event, VIP's sort of speak. They are so have no idea. I think, I hope they will be well received. Thank you for the beautiful product and great customer service.
Yours,Cidalia S.
Cidalia ordered our monogram tin candles. Click to view.

We received the Duck Soap Favors last week, and they are perfect. I wanted to thank you for your patience and thoroughness with my on-going email regarding our order. Your customer service is the best I have experienced with any company in quite some time. Thank You. Heather M.

Hi Sylvie! I'm so sorry for not emailing you sooner, I'm sure you can imagine the time crunch that I'm experiencing right now. We did receive the candles, all was fine except for one, but don't even worry about it, I think we're pretty set on favors. =) Thank you again, I'm so glad we decided to do the wedding favors with We're very happy with the candles and I'm especially satisfied with the customer service that you've given me. I can't believe it's only 3 weeks away!! Sincerely, Trina

Hello Sylvie, I just wanted to thank you again for the time and effort you spent in getting my order to me. I recieved them today and my friend loved them! Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much. Julie
Julie ordered our floating gel candles for a bridal shower. Click to view.

Just wanted to let you know I received the candles and the look and smell wonderful!!! thank you very much!!!!
Alison :)
Alison ordered our Jelly Jar Candles for a bridal shower. Click to view.

Our little apple candles arrived yesterday. They look and smell great and they'll make great favors during our Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you. -Sheri R.
Sheri ordered our Apple Shaped Tealights.

Hi Sylvie,
I received my candles today. Wow!!! What a great job. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out.I told my sister all about them and she'll be placing an order once I show her your website, for her baptism too. By the way, is there any chance that your company needs any help putting things together? I'm interested in helping out any way.
Thanks, Michelle L.
Michelle ordered our Baby Votive Candles with a cross through the wick. Click to view.


Hi! Just as I recieved your email on Wednesday i got the package. Thank you so much. The candles are awesome. I am so happy I found your website. Thank you again. Melissa

I just wanted to Thank you for all you help with my wedding favors. I received them last week and they are perfect. I will refer candlewacks to everyone I know. If by chance I need more of the same I will let you know. Thank you, Julia H.
Julia ordered our Jelly Jar Candles - white candles with a royal blue heart. Click to view.

Dear Sylvie, The candles arrived today, safe and sound. Thank you for the extra scented candles you packed in as well. I think they will look lovely in our hurricane lamps that will be the table centerpieces for our wedding. I do not believe you charged me for shipping--that was very kind of you. I will certainly recommend your website to my friends should they be in need of candles. Thanks again! Judith J.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order. The candles smell wonderful, the packaging is perfect. These will make great shower favors!
Thanks! Christie
Christie ordered our glass star tealight candles. Click to view.

Happy New Year!
I forgot my order number - but I received an order from you in November for Christmas Jam Jar Candles that I used as a shower favor for an adoption baby shower I was throwing. I just wanted to send a note to you to let you know how pleased I was with them and how much my guests enjoyed them! The scents were wonderful and they look so pretty when you light them and the glitter floats on top. And the ornaments were so cute too! I was happy to return my guests generosity towards my brother and sister-in-law with a favor they could really use and when the candle was done - they have a pretty jar to decorate with. I just loved them! I really appreciated the personal touch you put on them which is so rare to find - especially when shopping via the internet. They all thought I had hand made them - but I made sure everyone knew to reference the sticker on the bottom for where I got them from.
Thank you so much!
- January 3, 2007

I have just received my order & I want to let you know how pleased I am with your company's excellent efficiency & great customer service. The favors I ordered look great & received them so quickly. I thank you for such a great job, and you have one new very satisfied customer. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone for their favors needs! Thanks again!
Janet L. - Allenwood, PA
November 2, 2004

Dear Sylvie: I received the candles for David's Communion today. I must say they are absolutely precious. I am from a large family, so there is always a party. Therefore I'm always in search of something different to add to my parties; I don't like anyone thinking that I'm copying them. These candles are going to add that special tough that I was looking for. Oh, and the scent is wonderful too. I can't thank you enough for you personal attention, quick turnaround time and a simply great job; they are just addorable. Thanks Again from a very happy customer,
ANAELY - Miami, FL
November 1, 2004

Candlewacks - Just wanted to say how surprised I was to receive my order so quickly. The soaps are great. Thanks. You have a wonderful business, keep up the great work.
Andrea K -Waterford, PA
September 17, 2004

Sylvie, Just wanted to let you know the candles arrived today. Thank you so much!!! They are exactly right!!! We will see you again next year!
Jamie G. (NPG Business Club President) - Syracuse, NY
September 9, 2004

Jelly jars and custom gift tags made for a wedding coming up next fall.
I got the candles today, thanks so much!!! They are fantastic! I truly couldn't be happier with them, you did a great job. I will definitely refer you to anyone looking for any type of candle.
Thanks again,Erin

October 1, 2002

View the same candles.

Shallow tin candles made for a wedding coming up this December.
My candles arrived today! They look perfect and smell good enough to eat! Thank you sooooooo much. Emily
October 7, 2002
View the same candles.

More comments....

"I received the order of baby jar samplers today. The candles smell great. Thanks for everything! I am in the middle of planning a wedding - but it's on hold for now because my fiancee is in Iraq. So, when he gets back and I resume planning I will contact you about candles for my reception.
Thanks! Nicole"
- October 7, 2002
View Baby Jar Sampler Pack

"Hi Sylvie. Just received it. Thank you so much. They are beautiful -- and my entire house smells like strawberry jam. Yummy! I am sure my guests are going to love them. Thank you for everything. P.S. The sample is also adorable. You are my official go-to girl for shower giveaways. Have a great weekend.
Best, Jennifer"
- October 10, 2002
View Baby Shower Tin Candles

"Hi Sylvie,
Yes! I did get them. They're lovely and everyone was incredibly pleased. Thank you so much. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Sincerely, Robin"
- October 14, 2002
View Tin Candles

I received your shipment of candles. I LOVE them! They are perfect & smell so good!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for everything. I will be in touch regarding my cousin's shower soon.
Thanks again. Kathleen"
- October 18, 2002
Kathleen ordered 45 4oz tin candles in Apple Pie Pie scent, to give away as wedding favors.

Dear Sylvie,
I just wanted to let you know that my sister's bridal shower was a huge success and she absolutely loved the candles! She can't get over how pretty they are! I got so many compliments on them from the guests, and I'm sure you'll be getting lots of business from them. I told them to ask for you if they need anything! Once again, I want to let you know that I appreciate everything that you've done and for all your help. It's hard to find people these days that are as dedicated to their work as much as you are! Good luck to you, and have fun being a wonderful mommy!! I hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Timi p.s. I'm attaching a picture of my sister and I at her shower...I'm obviously the one on the left!

November 24, 2002

I wanted to let you know I received my order and I am so happy with them My daughter is also very happy with how they turn out. I wil reccommend your website to my friends and family. Your customer service and response are terrific. Thanks again
Linda - December 2, 2002

Hi Sylvie, Thank you so much for the amazing candles! Tom and I got back from the honeymoon, and were so excited to see a package from you. They smell delicious, and the designs in them are so cute. Our wedding went beautifully, and the guests raved about the wonderful candles we had as table favors! I mentioned you several times in case anyone ever needs a great candle company. Thanks again for everything. Best Wishes
Kait and Tom - December 2, 2002

Thanks! I like your products, especially the way you package them - little ribbon makes a big difference! I'd definitely order more from your website in the future!!
Shelly - December 9,2002

Sylvie, My mom got the candles yesterday and she loved them. I'll get to see them on Saturday, can't wait. Thank you for all you've done, my family and I really appreciate it!! Thanks again
Jessie - December 9, 2002
Jessie ordered our jelly jars for her son's baptism. Half of her candles were baby blue with a white cross in the center and the other half were white with a baby blue cross in the center. Images of her candles can be seen here.
Purchase the same candles here

Hello there - I am so happy!!! I just went outside to get something from my car and there was the big box, left on my doorstep! The bags are beautiful and the pine cones smell great. And I love both of the tags! I cannot wait to start handing them out tomorrow.

Thank you so, so much - for your kindness, your humor, your hard work and your creativity. You make me realize how super cool shopping on the Internet can be.

Happy holidays to you and your family - and please know if you are ever in sunny Miami, you have some customers who would love to show you around!
Corinne - December 16, 2002

Wax dipped pines - Scatter them under your Christmas tree or hide a few between branches. Each pine cone is triple hand dipped in our highly scented wax for that snow covered look. Sprinkled with silver/gold glitter! When tied with a ribbon, these gorgeous pine cones are ready to be hung up anywhere. Tie them to your Christmas presents, display them in your favorite Christmas bowl, leave them anywhere you want a bit of Christmas scent. At the end of the Christmas season, throw them in your fireplace to fill your home with a wonderful aroma. Corinne and Brian ordered packages of our wax dipped pine cones to hand out as little Holiday gifts. Each package contained 5 pine cones dipped in cinnamon wax. Little gift cards were created to complete each gift.

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