Discount Candles! Scented Candles, Holders, Wholesale supply, cheap favors! Discount Candles! Scented Candles, Holders, Wholesale supply, cheap favors!

We Love Candles!
Don't miss our wholesale, discount candles SUPER SALE page.
CITRONELLA Candles!!! Please look through our selection of unique Citronella products. Unlimited colors and original styles!
Always check our cheap favors page for unique, hand crafted favors.

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  Discount Candles! Scented Candles, Holders, Wholesale supply, cheap favors!
Baby, Wedding, Birthday,
Graduation, Christening...

All Candles
Gel - Votive - Pillar - Tealight - Jar
Specials on scented jar candles, votives, holders and accessories every month!
 Every candle is a custom made candle! Add GOLD or SILVER glitter to any candle for FREE! 

Citronella TWIST
Keep your party bug free!!!
Unlimited colors!

NEW Pillars!!!
SOY wax and HEMP wicks with beads! All Natural and very cool!!!!

Electric Tart Burners
Hand Crafted in the USA!
Many lovely designs!

Scented Sachets
Aroma Beads $1.99 each!!
WOW your guests!!!

Daisies, Roses, Hearts,
Discs, Tarts, SNOWFLAKES...

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Discount Candles! Scented Candles, Holders, Wholesale supply, cheap favors!
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Wholesale Cheap Party Favors

We sell wholesale, high quality, and highly scented candles at discount prices! We only use premium, high quality, triple scented wax. No fillers!
The possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking for candles, accessories, gift baskets, party favors, or fun candle projects. You've come to the right place.
We now have available premium Original Candy Candles!!! You won't be disappointed with these premium candles.
Take a peek at our original hand made and hand painted candle holders and stylish stands.
These are perfect for keeping your surfaces safe when burning one of our Jar Candles or even a Yankee Candle.
We have lots of great gift ideas for any holiday or special occasion. Get your gift baskets early!
Are you ready for summer??? Stock up on the coolest CITRONELLA gel candles available. Choose from terra cotta, tin or frosted glass!
Gel candles, votive candles, Floating Candles, tealight candles, aromatherapy candles ... Have Arrived!!!
Scented Jar candles

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